E-WOR (TM) Totally NEW! The Upgraded Version 2.5' LCD 8-Bit Retro 162x Video Games + 12-Bit Retro 10x Video Games Portable Handheld Console- Blue+White

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Description du produit

  • Big 2.5" LCD handheld player,
  • 162 games built-in including: ANGRY BIRD3, CONTRA 1 and SUPER MARIO
  • 3 x AAA batteries (Not included) let your kinds play ahywhere
  • hand hold console game player
  • Portable game can take everywhere

BRAND NEW -Bit 2." LCD 2x Classic Games + 2-Bit Retro 0x Video Games Portable Handheld Console (BLUE)
Featuring -Bit Classic Games including Mario Bros, Pac-man, Donkey Kong and more!
- Color: Blue + White
- Material: Plastic housing
- Memory Capacity: 26MB
- 2." Display screen
- Screen resolution: 320 x 400 Pixels
- Game Formats: FC Flash
- Speaker: Yes
- Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
- Working time: ~hours
- Languages: English
- Built-in 62 games
- Comes with se / English manual
Player Dimensions: 4.33 in x 2.36 in x 0.9 in (.0 cm x 6.0 cm x 2. cm)
Weight: 2.29 oz (6 g)

Partial Game List
Super Contra Super Mario Bros Ninja Turtles Chip & Dale Blood Fight Heavy Barrel Eyes Story Ninja Gaiden 2, 3 Double Dragon 2, 3 Silkworm Tetris Adventure Goonies Gradius Legend of Kage se Chess World Soccer 942 90 Tank F Race Macross Circus Kung Fu Galag Desert Tank Mario Bros Loderunner , 2 Five Chess Dig Dug Bomberman Pooyan Lunarball Ice Climber Pinball Hyper Olympic Nuts and Milk Pizza Boy Donkey Kong , 2, 3 Excite Bike Popeye Sky Destroyer Hellfire Happy Island Happy Adventure On the Road Bugged Racer Rope Games Tank B Magic Jewellery Forest Adventure Karateka Othello Super Arkanoid Final Arkanoid Super Pacman Super Tank , 2, 3 Mario 3 Batman I Revolution Cuban Soldiers Spiderman Gaiden Plants vs. Zombies Aladdin 3 Disneyland Super Dragon 2
Any problem pleaese let us know.

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